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Diskless Nodes HOW-TO document for Linux
This document describes how to set up a diskless Linux box. As technology is advancing rapidly, network-cards are becoming cheaper and much faster - 100 MBits ethernet is standard now and in about 1 to 2 years 1000 MBits i.e. 1GigBits ethernet cards will become a industry standard. With high-speed network cards, remote access will become as fast as the local disk access which will make diskless nodes a viable alternative to workstations in local LAN.
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Hard Disk Upgrade Mini How-To
This document explains how to transfer, or migrate, an entire Linux system, including LILO, from one hard disk to another.
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HOWTO: Multi Disk System Tuning
This document describes how best to use multiple disks and partitions for a Linux system. Although some of this text is Linux specific the general approach outlined here can be applied to many other multi tasking operating systems.
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