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How To Convert Your iTunes Music Files to Zune Popular
It's possible to convert your iTunes music files to Zune when you use software that is capable of transferring the files. You need to convert all of your iTunes-protected MP4 music files to DRM-free MP3 format. Look for a DRM (Digital Rights Management) media converter that can strip away the DRM protection and convert your music files without losing the sound quality.
Added: 04/27/2012, Hits: 497, Rating: 5, Votes: 1
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How To Play iTunes Songs On Your BlackBerry Phone
If you want to hear iTunes songs on your BlackBerry phone, download the software application BlackBerry Media Sync from the Internet. Our instructions will help you set up BlackBerry Media Sync, and synchronize your iTunes songs with your BlackBerry phone. You will be able to use the application to manage music and images that's stored on your phone. Make certain you have iTunes 7.71 or a later version installed on your phone.
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Transferring your iTunes Library Popular
This tutorial is intended for both the average and slightly advanced iTunes user and will provide the necessary information that you need to know about transferring your iTunes library onto an external hard drive, a secondary internal hard drive, or a whole new computer.
Added: 02/24/2010, Hits: 2,508, Rating: 5, Votes: 1
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