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You can VSMT Windows XP 

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Okay, so I have started working with VSMT - the Virtual Server Migration Tool. Basically it uses ADS (Automated Deployement Services) to create an image of a physical machine using a of scripts, creates a new VM (Virtual Machine) and deploys that image to it, along with a lot of patches.

It is all very messy, requires quite a bit of tweaking, and is a bit of a nightmare with the supported Network cards. You only find this out by trial and error.

After successfully migrating a few servers to Virtual Machines, I needed to migrate a WIndows XP box. It needed to be exactly the same as the physical machine as it comes preloaded with dozens of software titles specifically for Primary Schools. Unfortunately, Microsoft states that VSMT does not support the migration of XP!

Red rag to a bull! Looking at the internals I thought, why not? All it is is a load of scripts, files and variables. So here is how I managed to migrate a physical XP box to a VM in Virtual Server 2005.

I first ran the Gatherhw.exe on the XP box to generate the Info file to be used by VMScript. Next I used to VMScript.exe top generate the P2V files - which failed!

In the \%Program Files%\Microsoft VSMT\Patches\Source directory there are folders with the version number of each supported OS. (Windows NT Server, Windows 2000 and 2003). The directory for XP was missing - a Folder named 5.1.2600. I copied the Windows 2003 folder (5.2.3790) and renamed it. It contains files such as the hal.dll, ntoskernal.dll etc. I manually replaced all these files, with the copies on the physical XP machine.

Then, I reran the VMscript command line with the -forcegenerate switch. This creates the P2V files regardless of the support and patches availability. Then, I manually copied the new 5.1.2600 folder contents to the Patches folder in the new VMs P2V folder.

I could now successfully run all the relevant scripts to create an image, create a VM, and deploy the image to create my Virtual XP machine.

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