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Windows 2003 Server Emergency Shutdown 

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I had a Windows 2003 test server that I pretty much destroyed with every kind of software, application and hack I used as a test base. I did not care much for the server health as I would rebuild the OS without any data loss.

However, it did annoy me that it could never cleanly shudown - it always hanged at the Shutting down screen. That is when I came across the Emergency Shutdown. It gives you one warning, but then does not ask you if you want to save any open documents, cleanly shutdown any services and basically completely shuts down the server (my server was running Exchange 2003, SQL server 2000, Automated Deployement Services as well as being a DC) in seconds.

Microsoft state
Quote :

The method described in this article is not the recommended way to shut down your computer, but you can use this method under extreme circumstances when you either cannot shut down your computer in the standard manner. Note that this method is less damaging than turning off the power to your computer (hard restart).

How to do it..... (I know you will try it at least once!)

1. While logged on Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE.
2. At the Windows Security Windows press and hold down CTRL, and then click Shut down.
3. When you receive the following message, click OK to continue with the emergency shutdown:

If you continue, your machine will reboot and any unsaved data will be lost. Use this only as a last resort.
4. click OK.

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