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VSMT Batch files - Device Already Exists Error 

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Using VSMT (Virtual Server Migration Tool) and ADS (Automated Deployment Services) I often get the error message in the CMD window "Device already exists"
(I always run my p2v batch files from the command line so I can see any errors, rather than it bombing out of it's window on an exit code).

To fix this, first open the ADS Management Console and highlight "Devices". Now here is a really annoying feature of ADS - it does not populate the right hand pane until you do a manual refresh. Even when the console has just been opened, or after any change. So press F5. The device you are working with will be shown in the right hand pane.

If you right click the Device you should see an option of Release Control - select this option. If the option is not available go to the Running Jobs option, again press F5 to refresh and stop any running job using the device (it could have hung or fell over). The option should then be available in devices (again after you F5 to refresh).

After you have released control, you will be able to right click and select Delete.

Run the P2V scripts again.

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