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Virtual Server 2005 Automatic Authentication Problem 

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This is my personal favourite find on Virtual Server 2005 from an annoyance point of view.

From my Virtual Server 2005 administration webpage when I click to Remote control a machine -it always asked my to enter my username and password again. Basically it looked as though the automatic authentication using Integrated Windows Authentication was not working as I thought it should.

After playing with IIS permissions and authentication options as well as the the security options for the VMRC in the management website I gave up. I assumed it was something to do with the VMRC executable.

Turns out in the end, it is the Internet Explorer window causing the re-authentication prompt. By adding my the FQDN of the website with port 1024 to the Local Intranet zone in IE, the integrated authentication started working!

Maybe one of the smaller more obvious finds, but it has made my work with VS a lot more of a pleasant experience.

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