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Using Outlook Rules on Junk E-mail 

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If you are like me, you get a ton of spam. So much in fact, that it can take as much as an hour a day to go through my Outlook junk e-mail folder in order to make sure no legitimate email winds up there.

I decided to create a rule in Outlook 2007 to permanently delete email with certain keywords in the subject or body of the message. After setting this up, I discovered that the rules did not automatically process. What I discovered is that these rules do not get processed on junk e-mail because the junk mail filter is processed before the rules.

The best you can do is create your rule and manually run it by clicking on the "Run Rules Now" button in the Rules and Alerts dialogue box. The only other option is to turn off junk e-mail filtering and just use your rules. The problem with this approach is that your rules won't catch a lot of the junk mail which will then wind up in your inbox.

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