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Uninstalling a Passive CCR Node 

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Today, I attempted to uninstall the Passive node of an Exchange 2007 Cluster Continuous Replication Mailbox set. The KB article on Microsoft made it seem easy enough - simply remove Exchange 2007 using Add/Remove programs or run setup /mode:uninstall.

For me this did not work. I was presented with error;

"An error occured when setup was getting the configuration information of the current server. Setup can not continue. Please restart Exchange Server 2007 and retry."

I seached portions of this error message in google and tech references with no luck. It turns out the issue was with the Microsoft Cluster service. When browsing my Cluster Administrator I noticed the node I was trying to remove had a red X next to it. By right-clicking it and selecting "Start Cluster Service", this then allowed me to run the uninstall on that node of the CCR!

I guess a by-point of this would be. If you wish to remove a node of a CCR mailbox, uninstall Exchange 2007, before touching the Clustering admin side.

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