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The Powershell 

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Having signed up for the beta of the Exchange 2007 exam and realising it was only two weeks away, I realised I need to get stuck in a lot deeper than I have til now. I have bought the newly released "Administrators Pocket Consultant" book for Exchange 2007 and thought I would get my head around the Powershell first. (I think this could be heavily tested).

Immediately I found an anomaly between the book and my test servers. The book suggest to start the powershell from the CMD.exe prompt you need to type MSH. This could be followed by a few command line options, but always began MSH. The picture showed this in action and that the cmd path had changed to be preceded by MSH (i.e. MSH c:\documents and settings\administratator>).

However this did not work for me. Instead I found typing PowerShell to work and that the cmd path had change to be preceded by PS. All the command line options referred to by MSH work with Powershell (i.e. Powershell -nologo)

Hope this helps anyone who had purchased this book.

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