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SQL 7.0 Rebuild Utilities 

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By Brian Talbert

Rebuilding the Registry
If you've used previous versions of SQL Server, you may be well aware of a switch (setup/t RegistryRebuild = On) that could be used with the SETUP.EXE program that would cause the setup program to step through the input screens, gather data, and then simply rebuild the registry based upon the responses you provided. In other words, it didn't install the SQL Server files, just installed the necessary registry keys. This was used in the event that the registry became corrupted.

This feature is no longer supported in SQL Server 7.0. However, a new utility is available called regrebld. This new utility can be found in the mssql7binn directory and provides the capability to both back and restore the SQL Server registry items. It accepts one of two parameters, -backup or -restore. The backup option creates five files (mssql7*.rbk) within the mssql7binn directory. Each of these files relate to various keys that have been backed up. The restore option looks for these files within the mssql7binn directory and restores them to the registry.

Rebuilding the MASTER DATABASE
You may also recall that in previous versions of SQL Server, you could rebuild the Master Device by using the SETUP program. This might be necessary if, for instance, you have lost the Master Database and don't have a backup. This is no longer supported in SQL 7 either. Instead, another new utility exists called rebuildm. It can be found in the mssql7binn directory. As with previous versions of SQL, the MODEL and MSDB databases will also be rebuilt. After the master database has been rebuilt you can attach your databases using the sp_attach_db commands.

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