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Solving Problem Source When Excel 2000 File Gets Corrupted 

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Microsoft Excel files can get corrupted due to endless number of reasons including unexpected crash, application bugs, network errors and others. Unlike normal situations, if the file is stored on a network drive or a floppy disk, troubleshooting the problem source is somewhat tricky. You might need to employ special techniques to do so. However, to restore the damaged file, you will need to use your recent file backup or scan the damaged file using Excel Recovery tools.

As an illustration, you try to open an Excel 2000 file that is stored on a network drive or a floppy disk, but fail to do so with an error message on screen indicating that the file is corrupted. You might observe this behavior intermittently.


The Excel file is corrupted and hence the application cannot open it. This might occur due to any of the following reasons:

  • Windows tries to virtualize the hard disk controller and encounters an error while the process. Such conflicts cause to write corrupt information in the files.

  • Another reason could be the 'Back Seeking' method that Microsoft Excel uses to access file information. Sometimes, Microsoft Excel doesn't read the file records sequentially but jumps from record to record in a random manner. So, when saving the file to network drive or a floppy disk, this might cause intermittent file corruption.

  • Solution

    To determine if conflict with Windows is the issue, you should start the system in Windows safe mode and disable the file system properties settings. To restore the damaged file stored on network drive or a floppy disk, you should follow any of these methods:

  • Try opening the corrupted file with Microsoft Excel 'Open and Repair' feature

  • Change the file format to HTML

  • Try opening the corrupted file in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel Viewer

  • Restore from backup

  • Use a powerful repair excel file tool to scan and repair the damaged Excel file. Excel Recovery applications are competent to restore the damaged file with original contents, while giving you graphically rich user interface.

  • Stellar Phoenix Excel Recovery is an advanced excel file repair application with self-descriptive interface and powerful functionalities. It supports Excel 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000. It can repair and restore all file objects like macros, formulas, charts, images, links, embedded functions, tables, text strings etc. This is a read-only Excel Recovery tool that is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000 and NT.

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