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Server Info at a Glance - BgInfo 

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At work I sit at standard size office desk with several servers and machines stacked behind, under, and beside it. I use a KVM switch box to view and control each of them. The problem is that when I swap these boxes in and out, it can be difficult to remember which one I am working on. The last thing I want to do is a few hours work to find out I completed it on the wrong server!

This is where the tool BgInfo is invaluable! It is Freeware, available from SysInternals .

It is a simple executable that can be configured to display system information anywhere on your desktop. I know have all my servers show the following info on the top right hand side of the desktops:

Host Name
IP Address
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway
Free Disk Space

The only thing to note is that it does not auto update if the information it is displaying changes. But it only takes a second to run and apply it again.

Check it out!

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