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RAMDisk Booting Error Using ADS in Windows 2003 

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When attempting to boot a server to a PXE boot image using the ADS Deployment, and an unsupported network card it will fail with any or a combination of the following error messages.

Quote :

Requesting Bootable image from build server.

Windows could not start due to an error booting from RAMDisk
Windows failed to build a bootable RAM image.

In a nutshell, this is (or can be) caused by ADS not supporting the network card in the physical server. To get around this problem, Download and extract all the files for the latest NIC drive to the following location:

c:\Program Files\Microsoft ADS\NBS\Repository\User\PreSystem

Do not create sub folders or include the Txtsetup.oem files.

Restart the ADS Deployment Agent Builder Service.

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