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Problems With DHCP and ADS PXE on the Same Server 

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I decided to move the server I have installed VSMT (Virtual Server Migration Tool) and ADS (Automated Deployment Services) off my main test network to ease the network issues I was having and to hopefully simplify connectivity troubleshooting. As soon as I isolated the server, I realized it was relying on DHCP from a differenct server to service the PXE boot requests from the physical machines.

I installed and configured a simple DHCP scope on my ADS server, but still could not connect with the clients. Using Ethereal to sniff the traffic, I could see the client sending a Discover packet and the server sending an offer packet, but no other traffic. The DHCP ACK never came back.

After a few hours of knowledge-base trawling I found that you need to configure DHCP and NBs (Network Boot Services) to run on the same machine.

On the server, from a command prompt run:

Code :

ADSDHCPConfig /display

This shows the current configuration. When I ran this command it informed me both DHCP and the ADS PXE service were installed and running, but not configured to be collated.

To collate them you need to run the command:

Code :

ADSDHCPConfig /add

Then you need to ensure the following registry key is set to 0 (its default is 1):


As always, I rebooted the server to ensure all services restarted in the correct order and connectivity was restored.

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