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Issues With Vista 

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I have been running the Windows Vista client on my laptop over the last few months - kindly offered to me through the MVP Program. I am currently running the latest release. Although I am very much enjoying the oportunity to run the new Operating System and familiarize myself with it, I do have a few issues with the latest release.

Hibernate Mode
As I am running Vista on my laptop it often attempts to enter hibernation. However since installing the latest version, Build 5231, it has never successfully come out of hiberbation mode and displayed my desktop. It seems to sit with a blank screen with the Hard Drive light flashing.

Internet Explorer
I just love the new tabulated browser. I know Firefox had it first, but I never did like Firefox as it is still slightly primitive. (I can see the flaming starting already). However, the new Internet Explorer has moved all the Toolbar options, and although it looks great, where has the Home Page button gone!?

When you open Internet Explorer it defaults to your Home Page - Spot on. When you open a new Tab - it defaults to about:blank - and with no Home Page button - this is a pain.

It could be that I am not looking properly though - as I didn't with the Stop/Refresh button merge with the original build.

Command Line - Drag and Drop
One of the features I rely on with the command prompt is that I can drag and drop executables into an open command prompt Window. This does not seem to work with the new Vista build. It was only a small amount of time, but I didn't enjoy having to CD to the paths I needs to run executables while programming yesterday.

All in all, I am enjoying Vista, but there are definitely some issues.

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