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IPv6 Training (Cisco) Using the “address” Command 

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The reason I wrote this article, is to help you avoid confusion in regards to the “ipv6 address” command versus the “address” (Mobile IPv6) command.

Now you may remember from a previous article, the “ipv6 address” command is used to assign an IPv6 “Unicast” address to a Cisco router’s interface; and is performed when the router is in “Interface” mode.

But on the other hand, the “address” (Mobile IPv6) command is used by a Mobile IPv6 node; to specify the “Home” address of that particular Mobile IPv6 node; and is performed on a Mobile node when the Mobile (IPv6) node is in “Home agent configuration” mode.

Here is the command’s syntax:

Router(config-ha)#address {ipv6-address | autoconfig}

Notice, that the command is performed while the router is in “Home agent configuration” mode.

Now, let’s say you’ve already used the “address” (Mobile IPv6) command to specify a “Home address” to a particular Cisco router (Mobile node); but, now you want to remove it. You can type the word “no” in front of the command; like you see in the following syntax:

Router(config-ha)#no address {ipv6-address | autoconfig}

The remaining arguments or keywords for the “address” (Mobile IPv6) command are:

ipv6-address – This argument is used to specify a “Home” address to a Mobile IPv6 Node / Cisco Router.

autoconfig – Use this keyword if you want your Cisco IPv6 Mobile Node Router, to allow any IPv6 address to be used.

The “address” (Mobile IPv6) command normally comes after the global “ipv6 mobile home-agent” command and the Home agent configuration mode “host group” command like you see in the following syntax.

Router(config)#ipv6 mobile home-agent
Router(config-ha)#host group group1
Router(config-ha)#address autoconfig

In the example above, we entered into home agent configuration mode, created a host group named group1, and also configured any IPv6 address to be used for the mobile IPv6 node.

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To your success,

Charles Ross
CCNP #CSCO10444244

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