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IPv6 Training (Cisco): Disabling HTTP Access to an IPv6 Router 

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Now just in case if you didnít know, by default once you assign an IPv6 address to a Cisco routerís interface; that router is then automatically capable of being reached by using the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol or HTTP.

So, if you donít want a particular Cisco IPv6 router to have the capability of being reached via HTTP, youíll have to disable http access to the router; by performing the following steps on the router:


Router#configure terminal
Router(config)#no ip http server
Router#copy run start

Steps explained:

Step #1

1. Router>enable

Puts router into Privileged EXEC mode.

Step #2

2. Router#configure terminal

Puts router into Global configuration mode.

Step #3

3. Router(config)#no ip http server

Disables HTTP access to the router.

Step #4

4. Router(config)#exit

Causes router to exit global configuration mode and re-enters into Privileged EXEC mode.

Step #5

5. Router#copy run start

Saves the contents of the running-config to local Non -Volatile Random Access Memory (NVRAM).

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