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IPv6 Training (Cisco): An EIGRPv6 / EIGRPv4 Overview 

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Now if you’re new to Cisco IT networking, you may not be totally sure about the EIGRPv6 protocol. I hope this article will quickly clarify things.

First of all, EIGRP stands for Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol; it’s the enhanced version of the Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (IGRP) and was created by Cisco Systems. Currently, there are two versions of EIGRP; version 4 (EIGRPv4) and version 6 (EIGRPv6); EIGRPv4 runs on IPv4 networks and EIGRPv6 runs on IPv6 networks.

EIGRPv6 pretty much operates in the same manner as its predecessor EIGRPv4; and both versions of EIGRP performs the following:

  • Allows an EIGRP router(s) to build a topology table from each of its neighbor's advertisements; and then only the best routes from the topology table are placed into the router’s routing table. The best route to a particular destination is called a “successor” and the second best route to a particular destination is called a “feasible successor”.

  • Both versions of EIGRP, use the Diffusing Update Algorithm or (DUAL) for fast convergence and to guarantee loop-free operation.

  • Both versions of EIGRP, only send routing updates about paths that have changed, once an EIGRP network has converged.

  • Both versions of EIGRP, allow EIGRP router interfaces to send hello packets every 5 seconds on high bandwidth links and every 60 seconds on low bandwidth multipoint links to verify neighboring router connectivity.

  • Both versions of EIGRP, rely on the metrics of Bandwidth, Delay, Reliability, and Load, to determine routes but, mainly uses Bandwidth and Delay. The entire EIGRP metric formula is:

    256*((K1*Bw) + (K2*Bw)/(256-Load) + (K3*Delay)*(K5/(Reliability + K4)))

  • Also, both versions of EIGRP use the Reliable Transport Protocol (RTP) when necessary to guarantee the delivery of EIGRP packets.

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To your success,

Charles Ross
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