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IpropertySetStorage::Open() Cannot Open Word Documents 

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Windows allows using IPropertySetStorage interface to manage property set storages supporting IPropertyStorage interface instances. Thus, you can create, delete, open and enumerate these property set storages. Any file system entity enforced in COM compound file object can support IPropertySetStorage. But at times, when you try to use IPropertySetStorage::Open method to open Microsoft Word documents, you might fail to do so with some errors. You might need to restore such documents from backup as they might be damaged. But if you face backup issues like it is damaged or not available at the moment, you need to use word repair utilities to scan and repair corrupted Word documents.

As an illustration, you execute a code that calls StgOpenStorage function in order to open some Word documents, you get HRESULT 0x800300fb error as a result and the documents fail to open. You might observe such behavior with any of the documents containing images, tables, hyperlinks and other objects. Additionally, when you try to access such documents through Windows Explorer and right-click to view its properties, it doesn't display its summary information.

StgOpenStorage function is a function that allows getting a pointer to IPropertySetStorage compound file implementation. Using this function, you can open any root storage object that exists in the file system.


Such errors might root from document corruption. If the structure of the documents is damaged, this will not allow to open them.


Following are some measures that you can apply to open and access such corrupted documents:

  • If the damages are minor in nature, you can try opening them with "Open and Repair" feature.

  • If you view document contents, try copying all the contents and objects of files to a new document except the last paragraph mark that contains the real corruption.

  • Try converting the document format and changing it back to Microsoft Word format.

  • If these measures don't help, restore from backup.

  • If no valid backup is available, use word repair tools that can effectively repair and restore damaged documents. Word Repair utilities are non-destructive tools designed with graphically rich user interface.

    Stellar Phoenix Word Recovery is an advanced and the finest tool to repair and restore corrupted or damaged Microsoft Word documents. The software supports safe repair word file for Word 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000. It is a non-destructive file repair tool with self-descriptive interface and powerful functionalities. It can repair and restore all hyperlinks, tables, drawings, charts, images, formatting etc. It is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000 and NT.

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