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How to Resolve SQL Error “Unable to process table....” 

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SQL Server allows the use of filegroups to group database files for the purpose of better allocation and database administration. If you are a system administrator, you can create specific filegroups for each of the hard drive in the system and assign indexes, tables or image, text or ntext data from a particular table to them. There can be two different types of filegroups, primary and user-defined. But sometimes, your SQL Server shows the invalid state of a particular filegroup and consequently, it fails to process the table for check. Such errors indicate severe table corruption, which is thus required to be restored from backup. If you don't posses any backup that could restore the required information, you should MDF Repair tools for complete repair of corrupted database and its components.

As an instance, you might encounter the below error message while dealing with your SQL Server database:

“Unable to process table O_NAME because filegroup F_NAME is invalid.”
Where, O_NAME is the name of table and F_NAME denotes the name of filegroup. This error is marked as error 2519 in SQL Server error log with severity level 16.


The above error results if table indexes (whether heap or clustered index) are marked as residing in the specific filegroup. But actually, the particular filegroup is missing. As a result, database goes to inconsistent state.


You should consider following these methods in order to recover from such problems:

  • Error 2519 could result if system is experiencing hardware related concerns. So, you need to check system, SQL Server and Windows error logs for possible hardware failure problems and troubleshoot them accordingly. You might infer this cause if you are encountering persistent corruption.

  • Restore from the available backup

  • Execute DBCC CHECKDB to know the extent of database corruption and repair clause. Again run DBCC CHECKDB with the recommended repair clause. But this might cause data loss

  • You can perform comprehensive and safe master database file recovery using special-purposed database repair tools that could diagnose and repair such damaged databases. MDF Repair software come equipped with self-descriptive interface and so, no prior technical skills are required.

  • Stellar Phoenix SQL Recovery is a premier recover mdf tool designed to make complete database repair for SQL Server 2008, 2005 and 2000. It is a read-only tool that can restore all database components including tables, stored procedures, views, triggers, rules and more. The application is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000 and NT.

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