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How I won the Spyware War 

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By Ali Zain

Spyware - it is everywhere on the Net, sometimes even hiding inside your PC and clogging your Internet connection. In fact, the more free programs you download online, the more adware and spyware programs you will have residing on your PC.

It struck me Friday night when I was designing sites for my clients and wasn’t able to access anything as my desktop was totally frozen together with taskbars and everything. The system suddenly became sluggish and looked it if my PC was jammed with spyware & viruses.

What I found out was that everyone from Bonzi buddy to annoying Gator spyware components have attacked my PC with ads and popups. Hence the Spyware war has officially begun. Nevertheless, I didn’t quit and struggled and faced the enemy with Anti-Spyware, Adware programs and tool to defeat them.

I researched online and found out 3 great programs to defeat and kill my enemies ‘Spyware’.

  1. Downloaded and installed SpyBot from and had it check my PC for all the malware, adware and spyware components installed. I was shocked to see a # of 185 components.

  2. Another annoying bar that was stuck to my IE toolbar was from which SpyBot was not even able to remove. So I researched more and got Trackeraser from Their program includes several plugins for hundreds of Spyware programs e.g. Kazaa, Bonzi Buddy, Gator, and many more. It worked like a charm and removed everything that had installed on my PC.

  3. Personal Firewall from Sygate is a must have if you wanna win the Spyware war yourself. Their firewall informed me of every adware and spyware components that was trying to access out my box & wanted to connect to remote Ad server and download more components like Coupon Offer, weather informer and other annoying program you can think of.

  4. Special- Ok, I know I said three, but I called upon another good Old time champion of Spyware application, Adware from Lavasoft. Go to and get the newer version. Result: I found another 84 components installed and removed them immediately.

After rebooting my PC I finally got freedom from all those annoying spyware programs and my computer was again running the way it came in factory condition. So while you do download lots of free programs to make your life easy, like glowing cursors from Comet cursor or the password wallet feature from Gator, you’d pay the price by struggling with their spyware and ad programs, which in turn will take more of your daily useful time.

Having all the tools I mentioned in this article will save you enormous amounts of time and effort in case you face the spyware war yourself.

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