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Exchange 5.5 Roles and Rights 

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By Brian Talbert

The following information and chart describes the various Roles within Exchange and the rights associated with each. It is probably not necessary to memorize the entire table for exam purposes but you should at least be familiar with the capabilities of each role.

The rights are defined as:
  • Add Child: Create ojbects below this object

  • Modify User: Modify user-level attributes of object, for instance members of a DL.

  • Modify Admin: Modify admin-level attributes, for instance display names, job titles.

  • Delete: Delete an object

  • Replication: Replicate directory information

  • Modify Permissions: Allows user to modify permissions on existing objects.

  • Send As: Allows a user to send messages AS another mailbox

  • Mailbox Owner: Allows one to logon to a mailbox to send/receive.

  • Logon Rights: Allows a user to logon to any server in a site using the Administrator Program

AdministratorView Only AdminPermissions AdminService Acct. AdminSend AsUser
Organization Object
Add ChildXN/AXXN/A 
Modify UserXXXX
Modify AdminXXX 
Replication  X 
Modify Permissions XX 
Send AS    
Mailbox Owner    
Logon Rights    
Site Object (Inherited by Recipients Container)
Add ChildX XX  
Modify UserX XX X
Modify AdminX XX  
DeleteX XX  
Replication   X  
Modify Permissions  XX  
Send AS   XXX
Mailbox Owner   X 
Logon RightsXXXX  
Configuration Object (Inherited by all Subordinate Objects)
Add ChildXN/AXX  
Modify UserXXX X
Modify AdminXXX  
Replication  X  
Modify Permissions XX  
Send AS   X 
Mailbox Owner     
Logon Rights     

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