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Exchange 2007 - Upgrading Default Recipient Policy to EAP 

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Exchange 2007 no longer uses Recipient Policies to control the automatic creation of SMTP address spaces. It now uses Email Address Policies or EAPs. When you install Exchange 2007 into an Exchange 2003 environment and try to edit an EAP created in Exchanage 2003 you will receive an error stating

"Unable to edit the specified E-mail address policy. E-mail address policies created with legacy versions of exchange must be upgraded using the 'Set-EmailAddressPolicy' task, with the Exchange 2007 Recipient Filter specified."

Two points here:

  1. you need to complete this upgrade using the Exchange Management Shell
    Enter the syntax set-emailaddresspolicy "Your Recipient Policy Name" -includedrecipients allrecipients
    (i.e. set-emailaddresspolicy "default policy" -includedrecipients allrecipients)

  2. A lot of blogs and searchs for help I have seen are due to folk trying to use the -forceupgrade switch instead of -includedrecipients allrecipients - this appears to upgrade the Recipient Policy, but in a read only mode. You need to ensure you run the command in the first point.

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