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Exchange 2007- Distribution Groups 

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In Exchange Server 2007, you can only create or mail-enable universal distribution groups.

Domain Local and Global groups cannot be mail-enabled in a new Exchange 2007 installation. However, it is possible to have mail-enabled groups that were migrated from previous versions of Exchange that are not universal groups.

When a new Distribution Group is created using the Exchange Management Console or the Exchange Management Shell it is created as a Universal Group. You have a choice as to whether it is a Universal Distribution Group or a Universal Security Group (slightly confusing - still referred to as a distribution group in Exchange 2007, but with security contexts!).

However…..In my testing I was able to change a Universal distribution group created in the Exchange Management Console from Universal to Global using Active Directory Users and Computers. However this would be seen as bad practice as it can lead to unmanageable membership expansion. It also appeared to cause issues with some of the extended functionality of Exchange 2007, for example the modified group was not a choice when created a new distribution group based Transport Role!

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