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Exchange 2007 Edge Transport Role 

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One of the five server roles introduced with Exchange 2007 is the Edge Transport Server role. This role cannot be installed on the same server as any of the other 4 Exchange 2007 server roles. It should ideally be situated a companies perimeter network.

The Edge Transport Role was designed to provide Virus Protection and Spam Filtering at the perimeter, before allowing mail to continue to the Hub Transport role Exchange server. The Built-in Anti-Virus protection is not to the standard of purpose built AV software, but does allow you to configure options such as blocking attachments matching certain predefined criteria.

The Anti-spam filtering is probably the key feature of the Edge Transport role. It allows you to configure Anti-spam settings based on content (unacceptable language, swear words, known spamming products etc), IP filtering, Recipient filtering (such as recipients not in the directory) and Sender filtering (such as block emails from blank email addresses or specific domains).

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