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Resolving "Invalid data format" Error in Excel  

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Microsoft Excel allows you to implement VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) and develop custom solutions. In order to use VBA with Excel, you need to employ several language and terminology constructions that could interact with the application. While naming Visual Basic modules in a workbook, you should ensure that you follow naming conventions. Failing to do so might result into errors while opening the workbook. However, if you are encountering similar kind of behavior though the VBA modules have been properly named, the chances are that the workbook is corrupted. To restore such damaged workbooks, use your recent file backup available or commercial Excel Repair tools available to scan and repair the damaged workbook.

As an instance, you might encounter "Invalid data format" error message while performing tasks like:

  • Opening or closing an Excel workbook

  • Running VBA macros

  • Removing a VBA module

  • Exporting a VBA module in editor

  • Trying to edit text in VBA module

  • Starting the Visual Basic Editor

  • Cause

    The possible reasons for "Invalid data format" error to occur are:

  • You have a used a VBA module that has been named as “Dir” or “dir”. These are the reserved names and should not be used to name any VBA module or else will give errors.

  • You are trying to open a damaged Excel workbook.

  • Solution

    Try troubleshooting such errors by following these steps:

  • You cannot remove or rename Visual Basic module. So, to recover from such situations, you should open the workbook and copy all its contents to a new workbook with different name. You can then delete the affected workbook.

  • If incorrect module naming is not the issue, repair the damaged workbook. To do so, try opening the file with 'Open and Repair' feature. If it fails, you can use third-party Excel Recovery software. These are powerful excel repair applications that could make effective excel file repair using safe and advanced scanning algorithms. Such tools provide you interactive user interface and so, no prior technical knowledge is required.

  • Stellar Phoenix Excel Recovery is a fully-competent file repair application for Excel 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000. It is a non-destructive repair excel software with graphically rich user interface and powerful repair features. The software can recover objects like macros, tables, images, hyperlinks and others. It is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000 and NT.

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